Monday, January 16, 2012

Recipes for Some Indian Chutneys

Apple Chutney Recipe

1/2 lb. Sour Apples, peeled and cored.
1/4 lb. Currants.
1 oz. Chillies (or ½ oz. Cayenne).
1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar.
4 oz. Salt, or to taste.
1 Eggspoon Pepper, finely ground.
1 oz. Garlic, chopped up fine.
1/4 oz. Green Ginger, chopped up fine.
1/4 lb. Raisins.

Have the currants and raisins clean, and pound them in grinder or pounder of stone. Now grind the apples and all other ingredients to a smooth paste (I mean, not too thin or in lumps). Now mix these well together with half bottle of best vinegar, and bottle it in tart fruit bottles, corked well. If you require sweeter have more sugar, and if it is too watery put in a little less of vinegar. The above plan of chutney is suitable for cold meats, Curries, etc. In Ceylon, Mango Chutney is made in similar way, but they use tamarind, and when grinding use vinegar to soften the ingredients when grinding.

Mint Chutney Recipe

1/2 lb. Mint.
1 oz. Cayenne.
1/4 lb. Salt.
1/4 lb. Raisins.
2 oz. Ginger.
1/4 lb. Brown Sugar.
1 oz. Garlic.
1/2 Bottle Vinegar to grind the above.
1/2 Bottle Vinegar, hot, to pour over.

Mode.—Grind or pound the above by adding the cold vinegar by degrees to soften. When nice and smooth, put into a bowl and pour over the hot vinegar. When cool, bottle it in tart fruit bottles, and cork well.