Thursday, August 7, 2008

Potato Bujea

To a pound of potatoes take two medium sized onions and one green mango pepper. If the pepper cannot be had, use the tops of onions and a little cayenne. Fry the onions, and when nicely browned add the potatoes and peppers. If potatoes are medium-sized, cut each potato in four pieces. Add four tablespoonfuls of water and if hot food is liked, a good sprinkle of cayenne. If more water is[55] needed, add a couple of tablespoonfuls more. Cook very slowly. Use plenty of oil or crisco in frying the onions. This is good with old potatoes, but is best with new ones. Tiny new potatoes are fine cooked in this way. They do not need to be scraped. Just washed thoroughly and cooked whole.

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